SSC MASTER INVOICES- All necessary data in one document

Quick access to the invoice prints

  • Basic data
  • Costs integration: advance payments, orders, business trips
  • Additional assigments: invoices, customers, projects

Information exchange between the user and accounting dept

  • Payment due and status
  • Number of documents in the workflow
  • Generating of cost reports


  • Cost groups/departments/CC
  • Project cost tracking
  • Automation of the settlement process in ERP

Invoice approval

  • Detailed document approval
  • Shorten document worfklow
  • Customized approval path levels


Managing, receiving and sending invoices

 ✓ Easy generating of reports for cost provisions

 ✓ Creation of transfer packages

 ✓ Access to invoices for all users of the application

 ✓ Simplifying of the collection of incoming invoices assignment

 ✓ No need to store documents in paper form

 ✓ Integration with ERP and OCR sytems

 ✓ Financial analysis, cost and sales reports