All of business trips at your fingertips!

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Business trip requests

Easy requesting for:

  • Domestic trips
  • Foreign trips

Business trip settlements

  • Trip costs
  • Advance payments
  • Vehicle mileage records

Easy Trip cost calculation

  • Cost items
  • Allowances settlement
  • Invoices attaching

Mileage records

  • Distance reporting
  • Vehicle details
  • Quick approval requesting

And more:

  • Business trips calendars
  • Convenient reports
  • Trip settlement status tracking

Business trips Mobile

  • Requests for domestic and international trips
  • Settlements
  • Travel costs
  • Vehicle mileage records


Planning & settling of business trips

 ✓ Request & settlement of domestic, foregin and collective business trips

 ✓ Records of vehicle mileage

 ✓ Settlement of allowances and deductions for meals

 ✓ Settlement of business trip costs

 ✓ Calendar for a team

 ✓ Printout of documents