Why SSC Master?

Faktycznym i namacalnym wsparciem procesów biznesowych zajmujemy się od zawsze. Z fachowością, konsekwencją oraz pasją docenianą przez naszych Klientów i Partnerów.

HR management

Scheduling, hours worked, payroll, overtime, absences, contracts just to name the few areas to be managed.


Invoices, trip expenses, cost centers, clear reports and much more fully based on your business model.


According to reports, 70% of companies surveyed are going to outsource more in the upcoming years. Do it with us.

One picture means more than a thousand words, TELECONFERENCE more than kilos of specs :-)


Our Projects

Stanowią sens naszej aktywności, potwierdzają istnienie potrzeb, pozwalają spełniać oczekiwania Klientów.

Teva Operations Poland

The world's largest producer of generic pharmaceuticals, operates in 60 countries around the world...

Guess Poland

One of the most recognized and influential clothing brands in the world. The Polish network includes 56...


German fitness network with over 240 clubs and over 1.4 million members in Germany, Austria, Italy,...

Success components

Apps, functionalities, use cases, some social media publications. Worth checking!

Labour time

Scheduling, hours worked, payroll, overtime, absences, contracts, compliance with polish law, reports and statements.


Acceptance, invoice declarations, cost sharing, financial analysis, cost and sales reports, budgeting, cash flow, e-invoice service.

Business trip

Settlement of delegations, cost tracking, record of vehicle mileage, delegations for Sales Representative, advance payment, reports.


Vacation, calendar of absences, balance and holiday limits, acceptance of superiors, absence graphics.

HR management

Personnel management, employee profiles, roles and positions, contracts, organizational structure, employee portal, recruitment, career path, employee portfolio, monitoring of current certificates and examinations.


Assets management, employee and location assignments, cost tracking, life cycle management, stocktaking, workflow card.


Applications and settlements of advances, detailed cost tracking, generation of summary reports, clear user interface, integration with the Delegations and Invoices application.


Orders and requests, status of orders, decrement and acceptance, discrepancy control, reports and statistics, integration with the Invoices application.


What Our Clients Say?

Różne wyzwania, organizacje i modele biznesowe – ale zawsze gwarantowany poziom efektywności naszych wdrożeń oraz wsparcia. Outsourcing naliczania płacy w Polsce to tylko jedna z naszych kompetencji.

We have received the product in accordance with the contract concluded, the applicable laws in due time and with due diligence.

Małgorzata Dąbrowska | TEVA Director of the HR and Payroll Services Centre
Teva Operations Poland

We spend up to 2-3 hours to train a new user and we invariably receive the positive feedback on simplicity and ease of use.

Anna Ciesielczyk | GUESS HR Director
Guess Poland


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