According to the encyclopedic definition of Business Process Outsourcing, it is the commissioning and delegating of servicing selected business processes to be performed by external entities that are responsible for their quality and efficiency. It sounds serious, it suggests the necessity of fundamental changes in the entire Client organization, perhaps it frightens with potential risks. Our understanding of this type of outsourcing is much simpler: we support our clients in a number of process areas, starting from any small but systematic and responsibly conducted services. It can be annotating of the scanned invoices and facilitating their workflows, support for the virtual reception, support for labour&time and payroll management. There are many possibilities, most of them based on the extensive use of SSC Master software, which as the framework of the services we provide is included in their costs. The benefits are quite easy to calculate, just compare the total cost of employment of the assistant in the office managing the flow of invoices with the cost of the service we offer you.

Let’s talk about it, it’s really worth it.