Control your assets, all of them!

A browser, a mobile app? Both, your choice!

Assignments and cataloging

  • Assigning assets to employees
  • Creating groups of assets
  • Adding custom fields

Costs tracking

  • Integrated with INVOICES workflow
  • Connecting the individual lifespan of the resource

Tracking asset lifecycle

  • End of warranty
  • Technical inspection
  • End of lease period

Centralized management of the organization’s fixed assets

  • Easy access to the data contained in the fixed assets file
  • Making fixed asset operations easier and faster
  • Supervision of operations


Resource management

 ✓ View assets by various criteria

 ✓ Assignment requests

 ✓ Generation and workflow of the so-called employee workflow card

 ✓ Integration with barcode or RFID readers

 ✓  Inventory of assets

 ✓ Integration with ERP system