Your key to efficient labor & time management!

Web browser, mobile app? Both, your choice.

Planning of work time

  • For big and small teams
  • Convenient mass operations
  • Clear schedules

Settlement of working time

  • Convenient and complete records
  • Plans & actual implementation
  • All payroll components

Convenient requests, optimal decisions

  • Overtime
  • Forms of performed work
  • Work off

Employee portal

  • Access to most important data
  • Documents section
  • Summary of overtime and leave limit

Registration of real working time

  • Monitoring the working time of employees working remotely
  • Working time registration from the mobile and web application
  • Installation of real working time readers not needed

Remote work

  • Records of remote work and address
  • Requests for remote work
  • Managing of occasional remote work limits

Reports / Printouts / Exports

  • Precise filters
  • Clear printouts
  • Data exports (Excel)


Planning & settling of working time

✓ Planning and settling of working time, schedules for all type of teams

✓ Overview of the data contained in the user's schedule

✓ Requests for overtime, remote work and occasional remote work

✓ Recording of actual working time via web and mobile application

✓ Planning and settlement of on-call duties

✓ Automatic generation of department schedules and schedules according to established working time rule schemes

✓ Verification of correctness of created schedules; alerts related to Labor Code violations

✓ Notifications related to schedule errors

✓ Processing of employee scheduling requests

✓ Predefined dynamic reports(Excel)

✓ Creating dedicated reports in Excel

✓ Printouts of departmental schedules and monthly and annual time sheets