Time management can be easy!

All you need is a browser on your computer 
Relevant features also on Android & iOS phones

Planning and settling of working time

  • Multifunctional schedules
  • Requests for overtime, overtime compensation & forms of work performed
  • Convenient registration of real working time via mobile app


  • Handling any cases using employee requests
  • Access to documents (medical checks, OHS, statements and others) 
  • Documents with sensitive data available via DASHBOARD (pay slips, PIT, RMUA) 

Leave requests

  • Requesting, approval and settling of leave.
  • Easy to read and up-to-date leave limits 
  • Handling additional types of leave

Mobile app

  • Convenient overview and operations from the mobile
  • Easy approval of requests
  • Overview of employee schedules and requests.

SSC Master offers much more, it’s worth taking a peek at the menu 🙂 

Extend the functionality of the platform with additional functional modules:

  • Planning and settling of business trips
  • Decretation and approval of cost and purchase invoices
  • Access to documents in ongoing projects
  • Decretions and approvals of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Extensions that our specialists will be happy to show you

The most important features of the SSC Master environment


Planning & settling of working time

✓ Planning and settling of working time, schedules for all type of teams

✓ Overview of the data contained in the user's schedule

✓ Requests for overtime, remote work and occasional remote work

✓ Recording of actual working time via web and mobile application

✓ Planning and settlement of on-call duties

✓ Automatic generation of department schedules and schedules according to established working time rule schemes

✓ Verification of correctness of created schedules; alerts related to Labor Code violations

✓ Notifications related to schedule errors

✓ Processing of employee scheduling requests

✓ Predefined dynamic reports(Excel)

✓ Creating dedicated reports in Excel

✓ Printouts of departmental schedules and monthly and annual time sheets


Leave requests

 ✓ Planning and settling of leaves

 ✓ Submitting and approval of requests

 ✓ Modification and withdrawal

 ✓ Access to your leave limit

 ✓ Operating additional types of leave (seniority, birthday, training, etc.).

 ✓ Calendar

 ✓ Processing of all legal types of leaves, substitutions during leave, related to other forms of employment (B2B, contract of mandate, etc.)

 ✓ Importing sick leave from PUE e-ZLA

SSC Master ORG

Employee management

✓ Employee profile and employment documents (review and edit)

✓ Employee requests

✓ Access to employee documents (examinations, health and safety, statements, certificates, training, others)

✓ Access to sensitive documents: payroll slips, PIT and RMUA.

✓ Defining and handling substitutions

✓ Widgets - simplified work plan, leave limits, documents for approval, tasks to do, calendar, reports

✓ Independent modification of the dashboard page


Planning & settling of business trips

 ✓ Request & settlement of domestic, foregin and collective business trips

 ✓ Records of vehicle mileage

 ✓ Settlement of allowances and deductions for meals

 ✓ Settlement of business trip costs

 ✓ Calendar for a team

 ✓ Printout of documents


Aplikacja mobilna 

 ✓ Dostęp do danych pracowniczych (profil pracownika, limity, nadgodziny itd.)

 ✓ Dostęp do harmonogramu pracy użytkownika

 ✓ Tworzenie i akceptacja wniosków urlopowych

 ✓ Tworzenie i akceptacja wniosków pracowniczych

 ✓ Rejestracja rzeczywistego czasu pracy

 ✓ Widget  - Skrócony plan pracy, Harmonogram, Limity urlopowe, Dokumenty (Nieobecności, Dokumenty pracownika, Wnioski pracownicze, Dane wrażliwe), Dokumenty do akceptacji, Zadania do wykonania, Kalendarz, inne