Easy way to plan and settle the leave!

Web browser, a mobile app? Both, your choice.

Leave requests

  • Preview of your leave limits
  • Intuitive form
  • Instant sending


Change the leave plans easily


Convenient request approvals

Current leave limit

No need to count and remember the days off you are entitled to


Leave days in daily, weekly or monthly previews

Leave at your mobile

Requests and approvals always at your hand.

When you are off

Delegate specific roles for the leave periods.

Leave Mobile

  • Creation, modification and approval of leave requests
  • Automatic updating of leave limits


Leave requests

 ✓ Planning and settling of leaves

 ✓ Submitting and approval of requests

 ✓ Modification and withdrawal

 ✓ Access to your leave limit

 ✓ Operating additional types of leave (seniority, birthday, training, etc.).

 ✓ Calendar

 ✓ Processing of all legal types of leaves, substitutions during leave, related to other forms of employment (B2B, contract of mandate, etc.)

 ✓ Importing sick leave from PUE e-ZLA