Clear structure, convenient profiles, comprehensive solutions!

A browser, a mobile app? Both, your choice.

Users profiles – convenient employee data catalog

  • Addresses
  • Competencies
  • Contact and official details

Employment documents

  • Positions
  • Grade categories
  • Date of employement
  • Settlement periods

Employee requests – implementation of personnel and payroll matters and more

  • Employement certificates
  • Group insurance requests
  • Benefits


  • Employee profiles
  • Employment
  • Employee requests
  • Documents related to employment

SSC Master ORG

Employee management

✓ Employee profile and employment documents (review and edit)

✓ Employee requests

✓ Access to employee documents (examinations, health and safety, statements, certificates, training, others)

✓ Access to sensitive documents: payroll slips, PIT and RMUA.

✓ Defining and handling substitutions

✓ Widgets - simplified work plan, leave limits, documents for approval, tasks to do, calendar, reports

✓ Independent modification of the dashboard page