Quick, secure, always on!

Browser, mobile app? Both, your choice.

Smooth and easy

  • Quick access to documents from any location for all users,
  • Sharing correspondence across multiple company locations
  • Simultaneous entry of documents by multiple users

Documents workflow

  • Notifications of new correspondence
  • Faster assignment and workflow
  • Customized approval levels

Smart archive of correspondence and postal register

  • Networked document scanning and archiving
  • Advanced sorting filters
  • Creating statements of outgoing correspondence


  • Integration with ERP system, fax servers and e-mail
  • Templates for letters and documents
  • Minimize paper and space usage


Managing, creating and cataloging correspondence

 ✓ Smooth exchange of information between users within the organization

 ✓ Management of access rights to individual documents

 ✓ User notifications of new documents

 ✓ Save office supplies by using electronic forms