This is the most popular way of using business software at the moment, it is worth to learn about its advantages and create conditions for quick and effective implementations. Software as a Service (in short SaaS, with software as a service) – one of the models of using cloud computing, in which the application is stored and performed on the service provider’s computers and is made available to users via the Internet. This eliminates the need to install and run the program on the client’s computer. The SaaS model transfers the responsibilities of installing, managing, updating, and technical support from the customer to the service provider. As a result, the user gives control over the supplier’s software and the obligation to ensure its continuity.
The essence of business software in the SaaS model, decisive for its growing popularity is that the user buys a working solution with specific functionality without the need to be involved in issues related to IT infrastructure and technical facilities. In many cases, SaaS provides access to the latest information technologies without long-term implementations and large investments.
Our SaaS model is based on periodic subscription fees for access to the program, it becomes a fixed expense for the user, not a one-off one at the time of purchase. It is convenient in budgeting expenditures related to IT, it covers all costs of using the application.