Anna Ciesielczyk | GUESS

Since 1981, GUESS has been one of the most recognized and influential clothing brands in the world today. We opened our first store in Poland in December 2012. Currently, we employ nearly 500 people in a dispersed structure – in the office in Warsaw and in 56 stores in the largest cities in Poland, we have an equivalent shift working time system and a three-month billing period. It took us almost a year to find a supplier of a working time management system that would meet our requirements, which turned out to be a big challenge. We were looking for a tool that would be easy and user-friendly, compliant with applicable regulations on planning and settlement of working time, enabling the generation of analytical reports and at the same time at an affordable price.

I was sent to SSC Master Sp. z o.o. by recommendation of another company from our industry. After the initial presentation, we had no doubts that this is exactly what we are looking for. The implementation took place in 2015, went smoothly, quickly and in a nice atmosphere. The SSC Master system is extremely simple to use, graphically friendly, and most importantly – it informs about irregularities in the records in relation to legal requirements. We spend maximum 2-3 hours on training a new user and invariably receive positive feedback on the simplicity and ease of use. SSC Master’s technical support team always reacts immediately to our suggestions for changes/improvements. We have gained a tool created exactly based on our needs, ensuring correct and efficient settlement of working time, allowing for control of working time in a dispersed structure in real time and generating the necessary reports. We have also gained satisfaction of users, for whom the use of the system is so simple that they devote a minimum of their time to it, so that they can focus on their main responsibilities.

Having familiarized myself with other available tools on the market, I assess the quality/price ratio as excellent.
I would like to recommend and thank you for your four years of cooperation.


Anna Ciesielczyk

HR Director for Central and Eastern Europe

GUESS Poland