Application SSC Master ASSETS is intended for the recording and management of resources within the organization. The main task of the application is to check in all resources / fixed assets located in the enterprise and to assign them to appropriate employees or other resources (so-called resource groups).

In order to simplify the recording and cataloging of fixed assets, the application has been equipped with a module for generating resource types that are individually created by the business user. The fields included in a given resource type reflect the specific needs of a given resource group. It is possible to add your own fields describing a given resource, a flowchart of an application for assigning a resource, etc. For each type of resource, we can assign a Resource Administrator who is responsible for managing resources in a given group. In addition, the application allows you to track the costs associated with a given resource, thanks to integration with the SSC Master INVOICE application or by “manual” entering and tracking costs related to a given resource. An individual life cycle of a given resource can be connected to each resource, which facilitates management of individual phases of its use, eg end of warranty, technical review, end of leasing period, etc.
The SSC Master RESOURCES application allows you to assign resources to other resources, thanks to which you can create a logical link tree of individual elements in a given resource group. Assignment of a resource (groups of resources) to a particular employee is done by means of an appropriate workflow and appropriate assignments. It is possible to apply for an appropriate generic resource, and only at the stage of subsequent processing of the application, we indicate a specific resource that is assigned to the user. Requesting for allocation of resources may be related to the SSC Master ORDERS application, thanks to which we can handle the entire process from the emergence of demand for a given resource (resource type) to final order fulfillment and fixed asset records. Specially modeled views in the application enable presenting resources according to different criteria and assignments.


  • Recording and management of resources / fixed assets,
  • Browsing resources / fixed assets according to different criteria,
  • Applying for resource assignment,
  • Tracking costs related to the lifecycle of a given resource,
  • Resource lifecycle management,
  • Generation and circulation of the so-called Employee’s circulation card,
  • Integration with barcode or RFID readers,
  • Inventory of resources / fixed assets,
  • Records of operations performed on a given resource,
  • Support for departments managing fixed assets,
  • Integration with the ERP environment.

Business benefits:

  • Easy access to data contained in the fixed asset register,
  • Centralized management of resources assigned to individual employees,
  • Centralized management of the organization’s property, plant and equipment,
  • Facilitation and acceleration of operations on fixed assets,
  • Management and supervision over operations performed on fixed assets.