Application SSC Master CORRESPONDENCE it is used for electronic circulation and effective management of any documents coming from various sources to the organization. Simplified process of scanning and description of documents and a convenient way of accepting, reviewing and initiating circuits, allow for optimal division of work into individual persons and departments.

The application enables creation of a flexible document flow system influencing various routes (traditional mail, fax, e-mail), including definable acceptance paths and the level of document secrecy. The ability to define document flow patterns based on its type, validity and even level of secrecy. SSC Master CORRESPONDENCE cooperates with scanners and multifunction devices from many manufacturers, integrates with ERP systems and fax servers. It is characterized by the transparency of data presentation in various cross-sections, providing convenient search and data analysis mechanisms. It also allows for easy monitoring of the acceptance stages and the development of documents, creating the starting material for subsequent activities. The conversion of paper circulation to the electronic circuit brings business benefits to all departments participating in the process, eg shortening the time of document’s deposition and description, access to data regardless of space, reducing office costs, minimizing manual operations and reducing errors.


  • Circulation, decree and acceptance of documents,
  • Network scanning, storage and archiving of documents,
  • Creating lists of outgoing correspondence,
  • Users’ notifications about new documents
  • Sharing documents in many company locations,
  • Simultaneous entry of documents by many users,
  • Establishment and reduction of the duration of the decree and acceptance circulation,
  • Current information on the number of documents in circulation for a given company, broken down by various criteria,
  • Eliminating the need to store documents in paper form.

Business benefits:

  • Smooth exchange of information between users within the organization,
  • Management of access rights to individual documents,
  • Fast and easy access to the document from anywhere for all users of the system,
  • Determining and shortening the duration of the decree, information and acceptance circulation.