Application SSC Master BUSINESS TRIP is intended for the electronic circulation, management and accounting of documents related to national and foreign business trip. Thanks to properly designed forms, it improves the process of inference and settlement of business trips. The application guides the user through the various phases of the process, starting from submitting an order for a business trip, by submitting demand for an advance payment, ending with submitting and completing settlements of actual costs.

Possible integration of the application Business trip with other applications of the package, e.g. SSC Master CALCULATIONS, within which the entire inference service and settlement of advances of various types, as well as with the applications VACATION and the Work Time System (SCP) are implemented. For users using private and business vehicles, a special Vehicle Record Record module has been designed to record the course of official vehicles and travel costs. The application supports the human resources department in the field of records and management of delegations and financial resources due in connection with business trips. Optimized and unified forms, as well as access via a web browser, allow implementation of solutions in organizations of any size and degree of dispersion. Reports and statistics provide transparent presentations of relevant data in accordance with the access rights and roles of participants in the process.


  • Coherent and uniform registration and settlement system for delegations,
  • Automatic settlement of employee’s allowances and deductions for meals received,
  • Current information on the status of the settlement of applications,
  • Presentation of applications according to their status,
  • Reports presenting collectively detailed information on the costs of business travel,
  • Tracking and management of vehicle mileage records,
  • Integration of the application with the ERP system,
  • Integration with other SSC Master group applications: Advances, Holidays, Work Time System (SCP),
  • Full or partial planning of absence and organization of working time,,
  • Notifications and statements by circulation status.

Business benefits:

  • Accelerating the process of circulation and acceptance of documents,
  • Reducing the workload of administration and accounting staff,
  • Improving the communication process within the organization,
  • Convenient access to data and reports,
  • Control of travel costs and redirections to supervisors at several levels of organizational structures.