Application SSC Master HOLIDAYS allows you to declare and submit vacation plans and requests. Vacation plans are negotiated and accepted as part of department employees. The leave application is verified and accepted at several levels of the organizational structure in accordance with the adopted process. Verification of limits prevents excessive requests, it is possible to apply for special leave in accordance with the labor law.

The solution fully integrated with the ERP system, uses external and structural data, allowing automatic submission of the application for acceptance. Information on planned and current absences is presented in clear calendars and lists. The accepting person has the option of rejecting or directing the application for correction, the system sends notifications by e-mail. Dedicated views for authorized divisions in the organization allow for the analysis and monitoring of the absence of all employees. Handling leave requests of persons employed in various locations, business and organizational units, also persons employed on several positions at the same time. The ability to handle electronically filed applications and the circulation of scanned traditional documents. Holiday settlements based on ERP system data and relevant profile resources, based on regulations, industry regulations and contractual arrangements.


  • Unified plans and leave requests,
  • Convenient access to data and reports,
  • Improving the communication process inside the company,
  • Full or partial planning of absence and organization of working time,
  • Automatic control of holiday limits and balances,
  • Integration with the ERP system and other SSC Master group applications.

Business benefits:

  • Reporting and current previews of your own holidays, department plans,
  • Printout of documents needed to receive leave,
  • Convenient access to data and reports,
  • Notifications and statements by circulation status,
  • Automation of the application flow,
  • Automatic control of limits and redirections to supervisors at several levels of organizational structures,
  • Centralized servicing of plans and monitoring of implementation,
  • Contextual support for acceptance according to paths based on the organization structure,
  • Data exchange with the ERP and SCP system.