The SSC Master ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE (ORG) tool is a tool for HR departments, shared service centers and offices managing the organization’s staff. It enables full service of records of employees, advisers, experts and employee files. Facilitates management of career paths, periodic employee assessments, skills and training. Supports the processes of selection and recruitment of employees.

In accordance with the security requirements in human resources management and in dispatching functions, it implements the condition of exclusive employment of personnel possessing qualifications and proper health. Specially designed mechanisms facilitate the modeling and management of the company’s organizational structure, which is used, among others, in the circulation process of documents in other applications from the SSC Master family. The application is an effective tool for employee departments in the human resources register. Each employee has his own electronic file, powered by current documents. The alerts inform the interested persons well in advance about the upcoming dates for the renewal of examinations and periodic examinations. In the dispatcher’s function, the system blocks the employment of an employee who does not meet the requirements of current research, verification and other examinations for employees at particular positions. The application can work independently or in combination with process solutions as an element modeling the organizational structure and controlling the paths of acceptance of document flows. Employee profiles can store additional data on equipment allocation, participation in projects, interest, work experience and other applicable in HR processes.


  • Organization staff management,
  • Modeling and management of the organizational structure, acceptance paths, access rights, also for other applications of the SSC Master package,
  • Creating complete competence and design profiles,
  • Effective knowledge management in the selection and recruitment processes,
  • Tracking and initiating employee training,
  • Simplification and acceleration of the recruitment process,
  • Storage of data related to current, former and potential employees,
  • Integration with the ERP environment.

Business benefits:

  • Easy access to personal data of employees,
  • Monitoring of examinations, examinations and certificates,
  • Employee profiles, their rights, roles and positions,
  • Centralized personnel management of the organization,
  • Modeling of the organizational structure and acceptance paths,
  • Monitoring of certifications, tests, professional licenses,
  • Records of personnel data involved in business processes.